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From There to Here

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It all began when my Father, who lived in Ecuador, gave me a beautiful ruana wrap as a gift. I loved it because, besides being gorgeous, it was functional and versatile. It kept me warm in my cold office and at restaurants. And when I wore it, I kept getting compliments.

So, a light bulb went off over my head …

I asked Dad if he would bring a few back for me to sell. Well, those didn’t last long. We sold them and the response was great.

The next year we sold a few more, and the next thing I know, my husband and I are off to Ecuador to find manufacturers to make these stunning garments specifically for us. But not just ruanas. Different unique styles of women’s capes, shawls, wraps and scarves.

Ecuador is a beautiful country boasting the Andes mountains and talented artisans. We searched high and low to find a manufacturer. Then, we made the perfect connection, and ShannieGirl was off and running.

In the eight years since, ShannieGirl Wraps, Capes and Shawls has grown substantially, and we continue to strive to take our products across the nation. It’s with your business and support that this has been possible, and we thank you.

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