“I bought my second wrap recently and love it. Your wraps are gorgeous and absolutely do wash and dry beautifully. A couple of years ago, I bought the brown wrap with the fringe and was afraid of what the washing/drying process would do to the fringe … it came out perfect … no raveling at all! Thank you for producing/marketing a wonderful accessory!”
Cheryl, Katy, Texas 

“So happy you were at Nutcracker Market. I bought from your Signature Line in Camel. I looked for several years to find the perfect ruauna! The weight is just perfect,as I was looking for one that wasn’t going to ‘cling’ to me. Also, the detail of the trim gives interest and character to the piece. Hoping to buy another soon. Just wanted y’all to know so glad you were there at Nutcracker Market!”


“I just ordered a beautiful wrap of yours on recommendation of my dear friend Tikaa Cone.I am in day 18 of recovery from a brain surgery I had in Miami Florida.  I am a 53 year old otherwise healthy school teacher of 25 years and found myself in need of immediate surgery for a brain tumor. TIkaa said she had several of these and it would be just what i needed to wrap myself in whether chilly or in need of a warm hug. I am looking forward to receiving this sweet gift i bought myself… i will be posting it on IG so look for pretty pictures of it b.a.c.i on Instagram.

Thank you for pretty wraps, great quality and fabulous colors… i guess ill need more to keep up with tikaa’s collection . I think grey will be next as it is the color for brain tumor survivors and I AM one, Praise to GOD”.

Warm regards, Barbie

“I want to thank you for the wonderful service my friend and I received at the Houston International Quilt Show yesterday. Your representatives were exceptional and fun to interact with! While we hadn’t initially planned on purchasing Shanniegirl pieces, we were won over by their versatility  and lovely, complimentary colors. We are extremely pleased with our “personalized” shawls, quality keepsakes of our day surrounded by artistry and beauty.You are to be commended for bringing great products to the women of Texas and beyond”.

Sincerely,Pamela, TX


“I recently attended the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque and I bought 12 of the wraps for my co-workers.  I soon realized I had not purchased enough of them so I went back a few days later and bought 6 more.  When I returned to Virginia I stacked them up and let the ladies choose their own colors.  I really should have bought another 12 because they absolutely loved them. They oohed and wowed all afternoon.  Our office is so unpredictable with the temperature but leans to the COOL side and these are perfect.

Thank you so much for bringing such a perfect product to us!  I hope to see you again, soon and if not you’ll be getting more internet sales from me.”

Brenda, Staunton, Virginia 

“As a school teacher, I’m constantly on the move in a cold building. I bought two wraps from ShannieGirl and could not be happier with my purchase. The wraps are warm and easy to move about in. They wash well and look great with any outfit! I wear my wraps daily and love them.”

“I started purchasing your shawls last year and have always received great compliments when I wear them. As soon as I receive one, I run to Kohl’s to purchase my husband a polo shirt in the matching color. The comments we get are amazing – especially when I wore the turquoise or hot pink shawl this summer. I have almost all of your colors, each one prettier than the next. And so soft, you’d swear they were cashmere.”
Deb, IL

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first cape this past winter. I bought the camel shade and wore it almost every day from January through March. I work on a college campus, and it was perfect for walking on a cold day. I love to wear it with a turtle neck and slacks and I always get compliments from men and women alike. I throw it in the washing machine and dryer, just like you told me, and it comes out soft and beautiful without a wrinkle or snag.”
Dr. Angelique, Austin, Tx


Some of our loyal customers in Warrenton, Texas, showing off their newly purchased “Marilyn Style” Spring Collection.

“Help! On a recent trip to New Orleans I lost my most favorite wrap. I’m heartbroken and must order another ASAP. It was the black wrap from your Signature Line. Please let me know the fastest way to replace this terrible loss.” Then, after she received the wrap, she writes: “Thank you so much for coming to my rescue! I love your wraps and will always be a loyal customer.”
Leza, Pearland, Texas

“Thank you for taking my order over the phone today. I work from home, and it’s nice to sometimes talk to someone instead of doing everything via computer. Can’t wait to receive the shawl for my friend’s mom. Good thing turquoise isn’t a good color for me or she might not receive it after all!”

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